Custom embossing pliers


There are several ways to decorate paper. In addition to stickers, highlighters, markers and other classic needs, which we use on a daily basis, you can also use the so-called embossing. However, the complicated word is not difficult. Our special tailor-made pliers are enough for you to beautify your paper, sheet, notebook or book with interesting relief.

The advantage of pliers is that they can be adjusted exactly to your ideas. You choose which relief or pattern will appear on the paper. It can be your name, favorite symbol or word that describes something close to you.

Subsequent use is also quick and convenient for everyone. After writing the text on paper, all you have to do is place one part of it in the tongs and then push it slightly. The relief is minimalist, but at the same time very interesting. It will attract attention and beautify the whole. It is suitable not only for letters you write to friends and acquaintances, but also for invitations to celebrations, weddings or anniversaries.

Have tongs made with the date of the event to which you are inviting loved ones, or use the pattern associated with the type of celebration. For example, doves or hoops are suitable for a wedding. To celebrate, balloons or cake. It's up to you what relief the tongs will create.

Embossing pliers are something you will not encounter on a regular basis. Thanks to this, you can also attract every reader with them. You know how to use them during many events and situations. They complement perfectly with other decorations, such as stamps, stickers or colored adhesive tapes.

Try embossing pliers and beautify your letters, notebooks or even books. Match them into a single or multiple styles and create a nice whole. And if you want to please someone, give pliers to your loved ones. Let them create a pattern tailored to their personality. Get inspired by what they love and conjure a smile on their lips.

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