With our PULSO bracelets you will shine in every season. Our PULSO bracelets are not only the most beautiful but also the most comfortable accessory

It is April 2018 and summer is slowly but surely coming, and with it we are dropping layers of clothing. The new season is coming slowly but surely, and if you still haven't bought any new clothes or accessories that you can match, you should change it right away. We have prepared a special collection of bracelets for you, which will definitely come in handy for beautiful sunny days. You will definitely fall in love with the pastel colors that will suit your summer dress, shorts or short T-shirts. Our PULSOs are made of nylon fabric, which is also elastic and very comfortable on the hand. You can also use our PULSO as a hair band or wear it on your feet. The advantage of PULSO bracelets is that you can also swim with them either in a heap or at sea.

Accessories are an important part of the whole outfit, so when choosing them you should pay attention to what you choose or buy at all.

The latest, summer collection of our brand, Pulso, is one of those that will appeal especially to those women who like bright and pastel fresh summer colors. The main advantage of these bracelets is that they can be easily combined and are comfortable to wear. They fit on every hand and look feminine and delicate on it. The set consists of three bracelets, which are made of elastic nylon fabric and are complemented by interesting and beautiful accessories, such as pendants or tassels. They are not so simple and everyone will notice them. Shine with our PULSO anywhere, whether in the city or in the mountains or swimming pool.


For example, you have a choice of beautiful blue pieces, which are especially suitable for the holiday season, because they are complemented by star pendants and tassels.

The next collection is in a beautiful salmon pink color, which is also complemented by beautiful tassels and a pendant. This collection is especially suitable for women who like shades of pink. However, you will find other beautiful color shades on the menu, which you will fall in love with at first sight. However, handmade PULSO bracelets not only bring the joy of wearing, but also the joy of a perfectly folded outfit in which you will feel stylish and feminine.

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