Wedding invitations, how about them?


The wedding is one of the most important days of every person. Preparing for it is demanding and lengthy, but in the end it is always worth it. But in addition to dresses, accessories, decorations or delicious food, don't forget one more thing, which is wedding invitations. You should be elegant, stylish and in tune with your decor.

Wedding invitations can take various forms. Some are bigger, others smaller. Many do not allow an interesting shape or method of opening. The choice is wide and it's up to you to reach for it. But keep in mind that this little piece of decorative paper should reflect your personality or your relationship.

But how do you make the announcements not only nice but also personal? Very simple. All you have to do is choose the right accessories to elevate them up a few levels. The best are sealers with their own motif, which attract attention and attract everyone with an elegant, traditional and at the same time modern style. You can decorate not only the message itself, but also the envelope in which you will send it.

You can adjust the seals from our offer exactly to your needs. It's up to you whether you choose white or brown. The choice is also wide in the case of the designs themselves. In addition to the classic "Let's get married", you can reach for flowers, plants or hearts.

But that's not all. You can turn a simple wedding invitation into a magic letter in a second using dried flowers of different colors. Don't be afraid to reach for the nice ribbons that will wrap the envelope and create a nice bow.

There are no limits to the imagination, and this is doubly true of wedding matters. Try different color combinations and make announcements along with your dresses or decorations. Announce the date and place of your wedding in style. Invite your friends and family with a personal invitation that will delight them.

Can't handle your wedding announcements? Leave it to us. Just write to us and we will prepare everything from the design, through the print to the last details. More info by email at

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