Gift box with dedication


Finding the right Christmas present that will captivate, captivate and delight the recipient is much more difficult than it even seems at first glance. But there is nothing to be surprised. Our loved ones often have everything they need and choosing another household waste that will be dusted will cause them problems rather than a smile on their faces. So what to give to your loved ones?

A sure bet is a personalized gift that will literally burst of joy, and which will tell at a glance that you have thought of the person and that you have spent a long time inventing the gift. Not just a few minutes in the store when you bought a gift certificate.

One of the options to buy are our CHARM bracelets and a gift box with a dedication, which is perfect not only for charm bracelets, but also for pendants. Its advantage is that the recipient can use it long after he unwraps the gift. It serves as an interior accessory as well as a practical place that will serve as a storage space for jewelry.

The box has a beautiful and minimalist wooden look, which will come in handy wherever you place it. Feel free to place it on a shelf, dressing table or display case. It's up to you. But let others notice her.

The big benefit is that you can use the box not only for storage, but also as a stand. You can expose the individual pieces to the world and show what you have in your collection. The box is not too big, so it will fit on a smaller piece of furniture.

Another advantage is that you can tailor the dedication that the recipient finds in the box exactly to your ideas. It is a great gift not only for Christmas, but also for birthdays, name days or anniversaries. Delight your loved ones with a stylish and timeless gift.

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